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Children are unique and their toys should be too, that's why today we present you the 3 best children's wooden toys 2023 . Our commitment to quality toys leads us to offer you a great collection of educational games, since wooden toys have been shown to be highly beneficial for child development.

With wooden toys, children will discover new forms of play that will help them grow and accompany them in their development. Let's see more about these amazing learning toys .


Wood has excellent qualities to become a toy: it is beautiful, warm, resistant, unique and easy to work with. In addition, it is also a material with which almost any type of toy can be made, such as: wooden dollhouses, wooden kitchens, wooden bikes, activity tables, wooden construction games, etc.

We usually associate wooden toys with high-quality and durable items , those that we inherit from our parents and even grandparents.

One of the most important characteristics of educational wooden toys is that they adapt perfectly to the different stages of a child's growth and are ideal for spending quality time with the family. They are fantastic play material to connect your child with nature and allow them to connect with everyday life, understanding the importance of caring for and respecting our environment.


Apart from the fun that this type of toy provides, there are also multiple psychological and educational benefits that they have. Let's see some of them:


The little one picks up and holds the toys, so that he can do it more or less firmly, favoring his motor skills and sensory stimulation by relating to different volumes and weights in a natural way. In addition, they stimulate the sense of touch and the little ones will be able to develop other skills such as their coordination, and the most important thing is that they will experiment and have a great time playing.

educational benefits

Wooden toys are educational and original, so they encourage imagination and creative play, without rules, in which your son or daughter experiments and develops at will.

They will be able to learn to develop basic skills such as logic, creativity and simple problem solving.


The first thing you should know is that the most important thing for wooden toys is protection from the sun and moisture. Therefore, to maintain proper conservation, it is advisable to store them in any area inside the house. If the wood is exposed to sudden changes in temperature, direct exposure to sunlight or humidity typical of the outside, it ends up deteriorating.

When cleaning wooden toys , it is not recommended to leave them soaking in water, since wood is a very porous material and tends to swell and deform in contact with water.

In fact, since wood is more resistant to bacteria, it is not necessary to clean it constantly. For this, the ideal is a cloth moistened in a solution with water and liquid detergent (if it is organic, better). After giving it with the cloth with detergent, again pass a cloth dampened with water to remove excess soap. Instead of liquid detergent, you can use a solution of water with a splash of vinegar (one part vinegar to ten parts water), and follow the same procedure.


In our selection of wooden toys you will find kitchens, activity tables or bicycles. Don't forget to visit our website to see all the products, news, exclusive toys... and much more!

Wooden kitchen for children with accessories

This kids' wooden kitchen has real utensils and pretend appliances. It is a very beautiful children's wooden kitchen with rounded edges, made with resistant and high-quality materials and decorated with non-toxic paint. This children's wooden kitchen has a sink and some imitation appliances also made of wood, such as a glass-enclosed oven and a microwave. In addition, it also has two stoves with a frying pan and a saucepan and several real wooden utensils (spoon, knife and fork). Now the little ones in the house will become true culinary artists playing to create the most amazing dishes in this fantastic children's wooden kitchen!

children's wooden kitchen

Activity table with wooden track

The activity table with a wooden track is full of accessories to recreate the funniest stories. With this fun activity table with a wooden track, the little ones will have a great time imagining the life of the little dolls and organizing life in the city with great creativity. This children's activity table is made of high-quality wood , and is very resistant and stable; inside there is a beautiful decorative vinyl with roads and green areas, on which your little ones can organize their own city as they like. It includes many accessories to play with, such as 4 cars and 1 little train, which can drive on the wooden track and, in addition, it also has various signs, characters, buildings and trees.

wooden toy activity table

Workbench with ATAA tools

A very complete wooden workbench for boys and girls with realistic accessories and tools. This original ATAA workbench with tools is made of very resistant wood and has a stable structure. It is an ideal toy to encourage children to be creative and imaginative! With the wooden tools and plastic accessories, they can fix and create anything they can think of... Toys, objects, boxes, products... Imagination and fun have no limits with this tool bench for children! Little ones love to discover how things work and fix them, or create new ones, so with this fantastic workbench for children , they can pretend they are inventors, mechanics, plumbers... Whatever they want!

wooden toy workbench

Now that you know our selection of the 3 best children's wooden toys 2023, stop by our ATAA Cars online store and get one of our original wooden toys and educational toys for boys and girls. These will bring many hours of fun and entertainment to your little one, run to get them!

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