Kitchens for Children

Kitchens children's toy for boys and girls. Kitchens of plastic and wooden kitchens.

Wide variety of kitchens from toys for the kids, of all sizes and materials.

Exclusive novelty in the kitchen with advanced features, toys friction, sounds, sink with water, stove with real steam and a multitude of accessories.

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Little kitchen

A toy-kitchen is a very fun gift that all boys and girls love! Wooden kitchens are the most popular, because they are very pretty, they have many accessories and, in addition, they are respectful with the environment, since their material comes from sustainable forests. If you are looking for a toy that helps develop basic skills in your little ones, a little kitchen is perfect for it. Kitchens for children are suitable for boys and girls. They offer many possibilities for play and are great for letting the imagination run wild.

Does a little kitchen have fun extras?

In some kitchens for children we can find fun functions such as lights and sounds. They have buttons that, when pressed or turned, emit sounds and, sometimes, they also turn on the lights of the stoves to simulate that they turn on. Now the little ones in the house will become top chefs while they imagine and pretend to cook original menus in their beautiful little kitchen. Buy in our online store a toy kitchen for your children! They will give free rein to their imagination while discovering a very creative way to play.

From what age is a little kitchen suitable?

A little kitchen or toy kitchen is suitable for boys and girls from the age of 3, since it is the age at which the little ones begin to understand the game and are already capable of imagine and come up with fun recipes in the wooden kitchens.They have a great time while playing at being the best chefs in the house; they write down their improvised menus and can use elements of nature, toys, or other options, while creating the most curious dishes, to later give them to the whole family to try... A little kitchen is a super fun gift!

Are wooden kitchens for children resistant?

A wooden toy kitchen is very resistant, since it has a stable structure, made of high-quality wood and other materials that reinforce its stability. It is also very safe, as it is decorated with non-toxic paint and has rounded edges to prevent bumps. A little kitchen is a very complete and resistant toy. Plus... Wooden kitchens are full of surprises, accessories and fun features!