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Pedal vehicles

Evolutionary tricycles are very useful toys because it favors the development of motor skills and sense of orientation.

Nowadays, evolutionary tricycle designs have become very popular for being resistant and versatile, so that the little one can use it in the different stages of growth from 12 months to 72 depending on the model.

Pedal vehicles

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ATAA Baby Evolutionary...
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Evolutionary tricycle for boys and girls 5 in 1 ATAA BABY

Ride your child with this tricycle equipped with a removable canopy, protection bar, 5-point safety belt, eva rubber wheels and folding pedals. It also has a basket for storage and a telescopic guide bar so that parents can easily control the tricycle. When you want the child to go pedaling alone, the telescopic bar is removable, so they can pedal quietly.

ATAA Baby Evolutionary...

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