Electric Quads for Kids

Electric Quads for Kids

Battery-powered electric quads for boys and girls

If you like children's battery-powered electric quads, you will find many models and sizes adapted to all budgets in our online store .

You can find large electric quads for children, electric mini quads for children and electric quads for boys and girls.

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Quad Raspi
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Quad Raspi

Price €49.99 Regular price €109.99
Alcyone 6v electric quad
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Alcyone 6v electric quad

Price €59.99 Regular price €109.99

Electric quads for children are very popular

Many parents want battery-powered electric quads for boys and girls because they are safer and more stable than two-wheeled motorbikes.

In addition, a battery-powered children's electric quad is committed to the environment unlike gasoline quads that emit polluting particles and destroy our planet.

There are electric quads for big children that can be piloted by a sole big child or by two smaller children simultaneously (driver + passenger) and also electric mini quads for boys and girls that can be used by a small child or a child who is introducing the world of quads.

Why buy an electric quad for boys and girls?

Battery-powered electric quads or mini quads for children are more stable than two-wheeled motorbikes, as they have 4 wheels. They are also prepared to be driven on more uneven terrains.

Another positive point is that electric quads for boys and girls do not pollute. The planet will thank you for it!

How many types of electric quads for children are there?

There are several models of electric quads for children. When choosing a battery-powered electric quad for children you must take several points into account:

-Weight of the child. Depending on the weight of the child, you should choose an electric mini quad or a large electric quad for children


-Battery. The higher the amperage of the battery, the more autonomy the electric quad for children will have.