Frequently asked questions on the purchase of your electric car for children.

Ataa Cars responds to the questions that arise for the purchase of an electric car for children, electric motorcycle, etc, Remember that we now have available a number of attention telefónica 91 122 39 67( from Monday to Friday from 10:00 until 16:00), with several lines available, but in some moments it is possible that this saturated and it is not always possible to contact with us at the moment.

We have created a questionnaire with the questions and concerns most common to help you during your purchase of any of the products that we have on our web page.


How can I contact with you?

For contact us we make it very easy, you can do so through :

- By telephone on +34 91 122 39 67 on Monday to Friday from 10:00-16:00

- By e-mail at

- For the chat of the web that seeunto thes at the bottom right of the web in the hours of Monday to Friday of 9 to 14 and evenings from 16 to 19 hours.


Why buy in Ataa Cars and not on another website?

            ATAA CARS, a Spanish company with registered trademark and well recognized throughout Europe. Is present in the main marketplace, such as: Carrefour, Fnac, Amazon, Ebay. Part of having your own website:

            Besides the online shop we have a own logistics center specialized in the manufacturing, development and sales of different electric cars, electric motorcycles for children as well as adults of more than 2000m2. We are in Polígono industrial Labradorcico, street Cave no. 3, C. P 30880 Águilas(Murcia).

            We work to ensure that our products are of the best quality to be able to offer the client the best product and the best price. This is made possible thanks to the fact that we work without intermediaries, being able to offer our products directly at factory price.

We are not the only company specialized in electric cars for children that are sold online which can be found within the European union. In this sector there are many companies that come with a cheaper price, yes, but it comes attached to a quality lower and models without the certificate required to be able to sell them in Europe.

            Ataa Cars has all the spare parts of their vehicles, and with own technical service. The vehicles have a two-year warranty from the factory.

            Ataa Cars is formed by a great team of professionals that will guide you in each step at the time of purchase, in addition to help you with any problem or incident that may have.


¿ Dónde will manufacture the products they sell ?

Our products are elaborated by the main factories of Asia and Europe at the global level. Manufactured under defined parameters of quality required by the European union, comply with and have all the certificates and regulations that requires a competitive market in which we find ourselves. So we can say that each one of our products go through quality controls are stringent and meticulous test.

¿Cómo sent the vehicles ?

We work with transportation agencies urgent DHL and SEUR. As a rule our shipments are delivered within 24/48h in the Peninsula, though specific dates and due to the volume of work as Christmas can suffer a few days of delay at the time of delivery. You should know that these carriers do not make deliveries or Saturday, or Sunday, so we are talking about a delivery time of 24/48h business days.

We have stock of your own. Unlike other companies that sell product which does not have in stock, not even yours since they sell the product to a third party and can take up to 8 days, in many cases these vehicles to third party companies come from countries outside of Europe and can cause serious damage to the vehicle as it passed through the hands of several carriers, so we always recommend buying companies with stock own and shipping from Spain.

¿ Cómo come the vehicle?

Our vehicles ship semimontados to reduce the chances of suffering any damage during the transport. You only need to complete the assembly by placing; wheels, handlebars (on certain models of bikes), steering wheel, mirror,windshield. The average time that it will take this process is about 30 min aproximadamte, depends on the skill of each person. From ataacars is what we continue to put more easy as all of our cars are accompanied by an assembly manual in English and many have videos tutorials of assembly in our website:

At the same receive the product check if you have some bug due to transportation. So doing a full charge to the battery 6/8h, do not pull out never the car with the charger because it may cause irreversible damage to the vehicle.




What I have to do once mounted the vehíass?

We advise that once termiado the mounting of the bike or electric car to do a test to verify that it's working properly, you will see that he has a small percentage of cargo that you can carry out this checking operation, so turn it on, verify that they work the lights, sound, rotate the knob to control both forward and backward, right, left. After you do these checks and see that the operation is correct the next step will be to do a full load of 6 to 8 hours, never leave more than 10h charging the battery.


¿ Cuámuch lasts the battery ?

The battery life is approximate for each model, given that this is going to be affected by factors such as: the child's weight, vehicle use, use of lights or sounds, the volts and amperage is present. Usually the duration of the battery is 60 to 90 min. With the electric bikes for adults we can go with fully charged battery distance of between 35 and 40km.

Can I buy a spare battery ?

Indeed, we have spare batteries of all vehicles that we work with. You must keep in mind that to be able to lengthen the life of your battery it is necessary to do a good maintenance of it. We always advise our customers do a full charge of the battery at least once a month even though the car is not used very often. The batteries feature a number of loads during their useful life.


Whatis is the remote control remote control for parents ?

By having our electric cars for children remote control remote control for parents is an advantage because, thanks to this, we will assume the driving of the vehicle in the event that our little ones still are not trained for driving the vehicle by themselves. Although we can always select the driving mode, either the manual mode if we want the child to drive or the remote control mode to be able to take any adult without the concern that it may interfere with the signal with other electric vehicles for children with which we can find in the park. This feature of our controls gives us greater security and is possible thanks to the technology with the features of 2.4 GHz to not interfere with nearby devices,with which we can find in any park, responding to any situation of danger

¿Qué is mp3 or usb ?

Our vehicles are provided with mp3 input gives you the option of connecting any device through the USB input, and can connect from a pen drive with music to a memory card with the favorite music of the child or of the child. Although all vehicles are equipped with eight melodies from the factory pre-installed.

What garantíto have the cars ?

Each of our vehicles come with a two year guarantee for any problem of factory that may present, in addition also comes with a warranty for any damage that this breakage caused during transport. In case you receive a product damaged during transport, we recommend to contact us in the following 48 hours from receipt of your order, you can contact us via phone or email to communicate the damage that presents the product, we will answer immediately.

In the remote case that the product is returned due to manufacturing faults the freight costs of the shipment will be free.


What is the difference between vehicles of 6V or 12V?

            The pursuit of any model of electric car for kids we can do for batteries to distinguish between the models of 6V and 12V

The differences presented by the models of 6V are designed for ages smaller from 1 year and up to 3 years approximately, since they have less power suitable for ages in the range collected previously.

For children who are between 3 years old to 7 you should always opt for models of 12V since it has more power by presenting two motors one on each rear wheel.

For greater safety all of our vehicles come with a boot and progressive scan output, avoiding in this way that produce jerks jerky.


Howcan I return the vehicleIass?

The items have to be returned in its original packaging, the item must not show any marks of having been used as well as the seals of the accessories that go inside the box can not go broken. Not so, the product could suffer a depreciation.

In the event that you wish to make a return within this period, please send us an e-mail to, stating the reason for the return.

It is very important that you check the car nothing more to receive, so that we can properly assess the claim for damages during the transport.

Returns of products (except for products with defect) have a cost that must be paid by the client, the cost of the return in respect of transport is £ 20. However, the customer can send the product by their own means, to reimburse the customer the costs of transport.

You can exercise your right of cancellation in the following 30 days from receipt of the product, to do this you must fill in to send us the following form: Withdrawal

¿ Qué we must take into account when buying a vehíass?

Before you opt for the model of electric car that we liked we must always look at the design of the electric car as that is what is most striking, and we can choose as if we were looking through the catalog of a dealer real. In terms of the line of the model we will be able to decide for a style more sporty, or for a stylish off-road depending on the surface where you are going to use as well as the ability for the chosen model is the ideal for our kids.

            Depending on the model can present different characteristics, since the vehicles feature two seats, usually in these cases, they are cars that have an inner space large so that they can be enjoyed by children include ages from 5 to 6/7 years approximately.

The duration of the battery is another important aspect, since when has low quality or ability means a period of limited use. On the contrary, we recommend to study the ability of the load in minutes, as more capacity has increased use you'll be able to give without the need to stop the game, recommended would be 12V batteries or two 6V. Most of our models include charger with led light that indicates when the car is fully loaded, avoiding hours of load innesarias to not shorten the life of the battery.

What forms of payment do you have ?

1) Payment cash.

The customer will be paid the total amount of the purchase in the time in which the goods will be delivered by the carrier. In this mode of payment will be charged a 5% on the total of the purchase in concept of management by the transport company. In each one of the orders that are effected in this mode it will check the identity of the buyer.

In the case of do not pick up the package by causes external to us or to our shuttle service you will be able to claim expenses incurred for the transport and the cost of managing cash.

2) With credit card through the secure payment platform Redsys.

 Through this modality will make the payment through the gateway of the company Redsys with your security system for payments.

We can guarantee that each of the payments made through our website ATAA CARS are 100% safe.

3) Payment by Paypal

Payments by Paypal are to makeunton to this address Paypal payment. This option will have an additional charge of 4% of the amount to be paid.


How my data are secure?

                Without a doubt. From the time you make your purchase, you can be confident that all your transactions are done under a secure connection by guaranteeing you of manaera absolute full confidentiality of your data. No person outside the bank will have permission to access your data.


My order has already been shipped when I arrive?

At the time your order leaves our warehouse you will receive an email notifying you of your order and the next reception of the same. The time standard of arrival is 24/48 hours not counting holidays. In addition to DHL transport agency that we work with will send you a sms to your mobile infomándole of the date on which it will deal your order.

What are the costs of shipping my order?

 The shipping costs are free on all our orders to mainland Spain and The Balearic Islands.