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Buggy Extreme ATAA 12v

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Electric car for kids, Buggy ATAA Extreme 12v battery and remote control for parents. Two-seater.

The electric car for kids 12v ATAA Extreme is an electric car children extra large size is suitable to be used by two children, thanks to its two-seater and strength in the motors is suitable for all types of terrain and situations.


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Electric car for kids 12v large two-seater Buggy ATAA Extreme.

Main features electric Car for children ATAA Extreme:

-Dimensions: 138 cm long x 95 wide x 72 cm high

-Wheels with technology EVA: Wheels with EVA (rubber/rubber) for better grip on all types of terrain.

-Seating: two-Seater, two-seater car. termination in skin.

-Lights: LED front and rear lights with LED lights that can be turned off or turned on from the dashboard.

-Suspension on all four wheels.

-Can be driven manually by the child or with the remote control remote control for parents.

-Handle drag: parents can tow when the car runs out of battery.

-Safety belt.

-Forward and backward.

-Music player MP3: The car has music installed, you can also play your own music connected to USB dongle or s-card.

-Speed: progressive Speed range of up to 6km/hour. From the remote you can select 3 different speeds and also features for emergency.

-Opening the doors: The doors are open, real.

-Recommended age: Up to 8 years.

-Product weight: 28kg

-Maximum weight load: up to 50 kg

-CE certificates

-Installation instructions: This electric car for children requires a little assembly (Wheels, steering wheel, mirrors). Don't forget to connect the cable from the battery before performing the first load!

-High-performance battery 12v 7ah-and double-engine rear-wheel-drive 35w each.

*Remember that we are a Manufacturer/Distributor of electric cars child ATAA®* We have own technical service, after-sales service, spare parts, support/troubleshooting, phone support for troubleshooting, sale of spare parts, supplies of all models and brands sold on our website.


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