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Mist Kicthen 42 accessories

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Kitchen toy for children model Mist Kitchen 42 accessories with water pump and real steam.

Ataa Toys brings us the kitchen child Mist Kitchen 42 accessories with which your children can develop their creativity while they play to imitate the adults.

The toy kitchen Mist Kitchen is made with high quality materials. Includes a host of kitchenware, utensils and cutlery.

In addition to greater realism, the faucet scrub expels real water, music, lights and the stove are expelled as a vapor passing steam or real smoke of the kitchens (totally harmless).


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Excellent kitchen for boys and girls model Modern Mist Kitchen Deluxe with 42 accessories, kitchen sink with water and a stove with steam real smoke.

Kitchen large Modern Kitchen features 42 accessories including basins, pans, cutlery, steamer eggs, sink with faucet with real water, a stove with steam real smoke (completely harmless), lights, music, sounds, fridge, oven, chalkboard, daily menu and much more.

Educational toys - Toys food provides an in-depth understanding of the structural characteristics of each fruit. Through this toy, enrich the knowledge of your baby on fruits and to recognize the unique form of fruits and vegetables, good for your preschool education.

Role play -Toys-cut is a toy, role-play, perfect for children to play at home, in school, or at a picnic, you can simulate that make a good meal of fruits for your guests and enjoy a happy time, what a toy so wonderful!

The kitchen children 42 accessories an ideal gift - The boys and girls can practice their French, to cook, wash dishes, cut fruit and vegetables and much more, is a gift to intelligent children or older girls 3 years of age. Not only is it suitable for independent play, but it is also more fun when played with other friends and socialize.

Main features of the kitchen for boys and girls of 42 accessories:

- Brand: ATAA Toys

- Model: Modern Mist Kitchen Deluxe 42 accessories

- Measures of the box: 49.5 x

- Measures of the kitchen assembled: 63cm high x 46cm wide x 22cm bottom

- Accessories: 42 (vegetables, spices, food varies, cutlery complete, utensils kitchen)

- Extras: Stove with smoke/steam actual, faucet with real water, music, effects, sounds

- Appliances: Fridge, steamer, egg fridge, hood

- Recommended for children over 3 years old.

- Certificates CE, EN71.

- Box weight: 1.8 kh

- Warranty 2 years.


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