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Audi TT RS 12v with License

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Electric car for children and remote control remote control Audi TT RS battery 12v

The electric car for kids with remote control and 12v battery Audi TT is stylish, sporty and convertible, one of the styles more than fashion of the moment and now your kids can drive one too! This car battery power, can also be driven manually using the gears and the pedal. The remote control parental operates by moving the car forward and back, and also of course rotate it to the left and right.


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Spectacular Audi TT sporty and elegant roadster is one of the styles more than fashion of the moment and now your kids can drive one too! This car battery power to 12v is causing an uproar.


-Opening of doors - The doors are open, real.

-Remote Control 2.4 G Bluetooth - The car can be used manually with the internal controls of the car, using the foot pedal, the button of the gear (forward/backward) and steering wheel, if desired, can also be used by the remote control parental. The remote control uses technology Blutooth to eliminate interference with other cars. Controls the gears and move the steering wheel left and right.

Port-MP3/USB - The car comes with a cable that connects to the dashboard, which allows you to connect an MP3 or any other device headphones. The music plays through the car speakers. There is also a USB port to connect a card or memory stick with your own music. The connection of any of these devices overrides the music and the sounds of their own car!

-Product weight 14 kg

-Age range 3 to 6 years (or younger with full supervision of an adult)

-Dimensions 103cm x 62cm x 43.5 cm

-Battery type - 12V (2 x 6V 4.6 Ah)

-Power, two engines of 25W each.

-Remote Control Remote Control Yes, 2.4 G

-Operation of LED lights: the headlights of The car are turned on to start the car.

-Double engine - Two engines, one for each rear wheel which means a better ride on rough surfaces or grass.

-Cláxon and sounds - Are activated in the steering wheel.

-Battery meter - Is located on the dashboard, and indicates the remaining time of fun.

-Remote Control - Yes, 2.4 G Bluetooth

-Charging time - 8 - hours for a full charge

-Long battery life - Up to 1.5 hours with a full charge (depending on the surface where it is use and use of lights, music, etc.)

-Maximum speed - 5km/h

-Surfaces suitable for the use - Strong and smooth only grass or short.

-Recommended age up to 5 years

-Certification: EN62115, ROHS, CE, EN71, ISO.

-Tuition free personalized.

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