Citycocos and registrable citycocos

We have the widest variety of citycocos we also have our own stock, our own official technical service, shipments in 24 hours and of course the lowest prices on electric motorbikes for adults and citycocos. The greatest variety of registrable citycocos with European approval to circulate on any type of urban road. If you want a registrable electric motorbike or a registrable citycoco we have it.

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Why buy a citycoco?

Citycocos are electric scooters duly approved, which allow us to move around the city without polluting, and saving on gasoline, oil, etc.

There are citycocos with great autonomy, with removable or integrated battery and one or two-seater citycocos.

What are the Citycocos?

Citycoco or City Coco are electric scooters similar to electric motorbikes. The difference is that they usually have wider wheels and a futuristic aesthetic.

Are all Citycocos registrable?

No. Not all citycocos are registrable.

Before buying an electric citycoco make sure that the citycoco model you want to buy has the necessary documentation to be registered.

The document that you must obtain to register the citycoco is called "Certificate of conformity " and it is important that that specific model has the approval password registered in the country where you want to register it.

If you have any questions, ask your supplier before the purchase.