Published : 2021-04-26 10:16:17
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It's already spring! The weather begins to change, we see more of the sun and the afternoons are longer; family weekends are more entertaining and we can organize new activities to do with children in spring … a warmer time of year full of possibilities! In this article we give you some ideas so that you can all enjoy the weekends together in the most fun ways!

1. Picnic in a park

This is an idea that children really like… Because eating out is always a lot of fun! Prepare together some simple but delicious sandwiches, some fruit and something to snack on like a bag of potatoes, ham or olives, for example. Put the food in a wicker basket or bag (like the ones you take to the beach), along with a placemat to put on the park floor, a few napkins and a bottle of water; then go to the park and look for the most welcoming place, like under a tree, in a place with grass ... You can take the opportunity to tell stories, or anecdotes of the week; It is an opportunity to be with the family and have fun in a simple and beautiful way. This is one of the easiest activities to organize with children in spring ... But for the little ones it is super fun!

2. Visit the forest and collect elements of nature

If you live near a wooded place, spring is the perfect time to visit it. During this time of year, the forest animals begin to breed , so you can hear a thousand and one different sounds ... and even see a nest of newborn birds! In addition, the flowers are at their best, because they bloom again in the most beautiful and bright colors. It is an ideal opportunity to collect some elements of nature such as leaves with curious shapes, flowers, acorns or various seeds, and plants such as rosemary, thyme, wild asparagus ... At home, we can dry the most beautiful flowers and use the other elements to make Crafts.

3. Plant a small vegetable garden in the garden or terrace

Good weather helps the seeds to germinate, as they grow seeking sunlight; That is why it is a perfect idea to create a vegetable garden in the garden or on the terrace with your children. Children will learn where the vegetables they eat come from, such as tomatoes and lettuce, and will discover all the work behind them. They will have a good time planting the seeds and discovering, week by week, how their little plants grow and what they eventually become. This is one of the most curious and educational activities with children , since children have a good time and learn at the same time.

4. Make a spring mural with finger paint

A very fun activity with children is to paint with their hands, they all love it, because they experiment, have a good time and let their creativity fly. The mural will be about spring, so we must explain to the children what happens at this time of year and what we can find in nature. They can draw trees, animals, leaves, flowers… Make sure you put newspaper in the “ art zone ” and… All set for the creative process and fun to begin!

5. Go hiking in the mountains or in the countryside

If what you are looking for is to have a day full of emotions with the children, you can organize an excursion to the mountains or the countryside all together. In addition, if your children have electric cars for children, they will have the opportunity to drive them on the dirt roads while enjoying the pure air of the mountains or the countryside. It will be a unique experience! You can also do the picnic activity in a safe place, surrounded by nature and the sounds of animals. You can play to identify colors, shapes and sounds, race from one point to another, sing children's songs ... A family day outing is a perfect activity with children to innovate and let creativity fly !

Now you can start organizing some more original and fun activities to do with children in spring! Good weather improves the mood and fills young and old with energy, so it is a good time to enjoy nature together and celebrate that summer is approaching.

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