The best gifts to give at the first communion

Published : 2024-04-17 15:39:30
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First Communion is a significant moment in the life of any boy and girl, marking an important moment in their spiritual and religious path. It is a day of celebration, reflection and joy shared with your closest friends and family.

For many, this event represents a unique opportunity to honor and celebrate the faith of the child, as well as to provide them with gifts that commemorate this important step in their Christian and religious life.

If you are looking for inspiration to choose the perfect gift to celebrate the First Communion of your son/daughter, nephew/daughter, or grandson, in this post we will give you some very original ideas that we are sure they will love and be excited about. They will remember it for years with a big smile!

Do you still remember the gifts they gave you at your First Communion?


The First Communion is an important event in the life of any girl and boy. When it comes to choosing a gift for them, it is essential to find something that is appropriate for the occasion and that also fits their tastes and preferences.

When looking for that gift we can find many options. This range of possibilities goes from the most traditional to the most fun.

Of the most traditional ones we have the doll dressed in communion (a timeless classic!), jewelry and religious books. Also board games, science kits, sports equipment, toys, books, photo albums... And among the most striking we can find toys such as children's electric cars, trampolines, scooters... In addition to these material gifts, they have become very fashionable also experience gifts, that is, tickets to cultural events (concerts, soccer games, amusement parks...), classes or activities such as dance, learning workshops, outdoor activities...

In short, the most important thing when choosing that long-awaited gift for your First Communion is to take into account your personality, tastes, interests and needs. Whether it's a traditional gift, an experience or a toy. The essential thing is that, whatever it is, it reflects the love and affection you feel for them on such a special day in their life.


Finding the best gift can be quite a challenge. If you are looking for original ideas that stand out among traditional gifts , here we show you some suggestions that will surely make this day even more memorable for them.

Take note, daddies!


This trampoline is perfect for children and adults to have a great time for hours. It is suitable for several children at the same time. It's totally safe!

The children's trampoline is made of galvanized steel materials against corrosion. Includes safety net with zipper, padded pads around the area and stairs to access it. Suitable from 3 years.

Kid trampoline 400

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The impressive pro series scooters will capture the attention of the little ones! Adults can also use them . The handlebar is adjustable in three heights. These scooters are inspired by the elements of nature. You can find several models: Vulcan, Wild, Steel.

These pro series scooters are made of high quality materials such as aluminum structure. They have a rear brake pedal, non-slip platform, kickstand, rear reflector... Foldable with one click! Suitable for ages 6 and up.

Serie pro scooter

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The largest car in our online store ! The closest experience to driving a sports car like the Lamborghini Aventador! The little ones will be speechless when they see it! It is spectacular! If your child loves speed and sports vehicles: this is the car for you!

Made of the best materials, it includes luxury extras such as two leatherette seats, safety belt on each seat, parental control, EVA rubber wheels with anti-puncture technology, removable battery so it can be charged outside the car with the piece that attaches to the connector (super convenient!), push-button start, independent button to turn the lights on and off, MP4 screen, MP3 music player, rear suspension, the steering wheel can be adjusted in height, memory card and much more. Available in pink and white. Suitable for children up to approximately 12 years old.

Lamborghini Aventador SV 24v

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The most real toy motorcycle ! It's super realistic! The little ones will be amazed to see this beautiful retro-style motorcycle in the purest classic Vespa style . With this motorcycle you will feel like you are driving a real motorcycle.

Includes the best extras such as leatherette seat, steel wheels with 6.5-inch inflatable tire, 3 selectable and lockable speeds with key, fist accelerator, starts with a real key, small trunk under the seat that opens with key, counter chrome speedometer, chrome rear luggage rack, horn, kickstand. Suitable for children from 6 years old. Available in pink and blue.

Mini Electric Scooter 36v

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The largest wooden house in our store ! Who hasn't dreamed of having their own wooden house to play and let their imagination fly? With this fantastic house your children will be able to fulfill that dream. Perfect for creating a fun and safe play area!

This children's wooden house is made of fir wood . The origin is from sustainable and environmentally friendly wood . It has the FSC certificate that endorses and confirms it. It has the following characteristics: robust construction, water-based varnish treatment, non-toxic waterproof paint, two openable side windows, gabled wooden roof, door without lock, two floors, slide, stairs, porch and railing... come on, like a super realistic real house! Available in green. Suitable for children from 3 years old.

Diversity wooden house

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One of the most original gifts our little ones can receive ! One of the attractions at the fair and the playgrounds that most attracts kids are the bouncy castles. They never fail! Can you imagine being able to have them at home? Now it is a reality. And the most incredible thing is that some can also be used with water. Fun all year round is guaranteed!

There are different models to choose from: Windsor Castle, Dumbo, Dumber, Water Split, Volley, Mountain, Water Puller, Water Goal, Water Sport, Water Jump. There are different sizes, colors, accessories, shapes, themes... to choose from. Some can be used with several children at the same time (see description of each of them). Suitable from 3 years. Super important, always under adult supervision. It is recommended to anchor to the ground for more security.

Inflatable water castle for children

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With these great foosball tables, billiards and multi-game tables, your little ones will be able to have these fun recreational games without leaving home. Great to invite your friends over and have a fun time!

There are different models with different sizes, colors and characteristics. Some are foldable! There are some models of foosball tables that are semi-professional. Perfect for the little ones to practice in an even more professional way! Ideally, it can also be used by adults so the little ones can spend hours of quality play with their parents and family.

Foosball, Billards and multigame

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Fun on the water! A fun and different experience for this summer ! The inflatable kayaks are made of top quality, durable PVC with a thickness of 0.42mm. It includes 5 cameras in its base, 1 double aluminum paddle with a 90º rotation system, splash protection in the bow and stern, inflatable footrest... and much more.

Easy to transport and store. The ideal alternative for adventures in the sea, rivers and lakes! Thanks to its great stability, it can be used by experts and professionals as well as beginners.

Inflatable Kayak

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The most original electric scooter! It's from another dimension! Includes multiple colorful LED lights that activate when in operation ! This gives it an extravagant and almost futuristic touch. In addition to having a striking design, it is totally safe and comfortable for children. The lights make it even more visible at night than a normal scooter. It also includes a non-slip platform so that your children maintain control over the electric scooter even on the most complicated surfaces.

The electric scooter is powered by momentum. It has a start button on the base. Rubber grips for a better grip. The handlebar adjusts to various heights. It's foldable! Suitable for ages 6 and up.

Battery powered children´s scooter with SRay LED Ligths

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