Published : 2023-03-14 12:46:35
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The fashion for electric cars for children is here to stay. This is something that no one can deny. The rage is such that not only the smallest children can ride on them... now also the biggest!

And it is that, more and more, we can find a wide variety of XXL electric cars for children so that kids up to 8-9 years old (in some models even up to 10 years old) can enjoy this fun and wonderful electronic toy for longer. time.


In the market for electric cars for children we can find XXL battery cars for children with 12v and 24v batteries . Although, in general, the most common and most sought after are the XXL electric cars for children with a 24v battery .

There are different styles (off-road, sports...) and different brands such as Mercedes, Lamborghini, BMW, ATAA... as well as a wide variety of colors .


Because the XXL 24v electric cars for children have the most power and, therefore, the most fun on wheels!

Due to its large dimensions, two small children or one older child can be mounted up to approx. 8-9 years. (in the description of each stroller the recommended age is indicated). Is there anything better than being able to enjoy a little while playing games with your friend from school, your cousin or your brother?

These battery-powered cars for children with remote control usually include large wheels (especially on buggy or off-road style cars) made of EVA rubber . In this way, they make them adapt perfectly to any terrain and surface where they pass.

Since the safety of the little ones is the most important thing, they all include a seat belt and, in some models, even have individual seat belts .

Another of its great advantages that these electric cars for children with remote control have is that they admit a greater load weight . It can hold up to 50-60kg approx., depending on each model.

These small - but great details - make these XXL children's electric cars look like cars even more real.

And if this catches your attention, we cannot help but be fascinated by the large number of extras and accessories , with the latest technology, that most of these battery-powered cars for children can include.

To give you a little idea, these are some of them: MP4 screen , air conditioning, DRIFT (being able to spin and spin like in authentic Fast and Furious racing cars!), two-seater (in some models with seats individual), 1GB memory card (only in some models), removable battery to be able to charge it outside the stroller easily and comfortably, metallic paint , LED lights in various parts of the stroller, not only in the front and rear lights, music, independent light on/off button , MP3 player, gear lever, ignition key, parental control, suspension, super comfortable leatherette seats (some adjustable), tow handle and wheels, start-up sounds... and, many more!.


We bring you a selection of the 5 best electric cars for XXL children that you can find, in our online store, to give to your children.

Are you ready to fall in love with each one of them? They are amazing!


Electric car for children ATAA Max XXL 24v . The improved version of one of the favorite cars in our online store but now... more powerful and with a 24v battery! Buggy style car with giant and robust EVA rubber wheels . Includes a screen with MP4 video playback. Available in red and white. It also includes a seat suitable for 2 small children from 3-5 years old or a child up to approx. 8-9 years old, 2 motors of 200w each, door opening, start button, independent light on/off button , music, lights, sounds, USB, Bluetooth , seat belt, LED lights, 4-wheel suspension with springs, parental control.


Electric car for children Audi Horch 930 V 24v . The most beautiful, precious, elegant and glamorous car that we have right now available in our online store! A classic-style stroller that we are sure will turn heads. And what we like the most - and you are going to love it - is that this model includes a seat for an adult to sit down and take a walk with their son/daughter or nephew/nephew. What do you think? Great, right? But it does not only include this feature, it includes many others such as: official license of the brand, padded leatherette seat, EVA rubber wheels, parental control, seat belt with 3 anchor points, start button, USB inputs, playback of MP3, music, sounds, rear suspension, classic style steering wheel , adult exterior pedal , backlit panel, removable battery , metallic paint , independent light on/off button, front lights, front and rear brand panel, opening doors, gear lever. Recommended for children up to 6 years old approx.


Electric car for children Ford Super Duty F450 24v . This is one of the XXL electric cars for children , in the American ranch style , which we are sure will become one of the favorites of children and adults. It has lights everywhere ! It is available in three colors: red, pink and white. It is one of the most powerful strollers we have in our online store. It has a double seat for two small children of 3-4 years approx. or for a bigger one up to 8 years approx. It includes, among other things, 4 motors of 55w each, metallic paint , opening doors, start button, music, LED lights, MP4, USB, MP3 screen , small fan (or air conditioning) on the left side of the dashboard, 1GB memory card, two seat belts, rear space to transport objects, tow handle with rollers , accelerator pedal, official license of the brand, EVA rubber wheels , double rear wheels, gear lever, removable battery , backlit dashboard, adjustable leatherette seat , 4-wheel suspension with springs.


Electric car for children Lamborghini Aventador 24v DRIFT and MP4 . Impressive XXL electric car for children in sports style ! The little ones - and the not so little ones - are going to fall in love with this amazing car. One of the things that most likes and attracts attention, about this stroller, is the option it has to spin and spin, that is, it has the DRIFT option with just one button ! Little ones can pretend to be a real race car driver or imagine they are in a " Fast and Furious " movie. It also has the characteristic of upward opening doors , with a damper, in the form of scissors. Available in yellow, red and white. It includes the best additional extras, which make it a unique and spectacular car: official brand license , parental control, removable battery, metallic paint, 2 adjustable seats, seat belt, front EVA rubber wheels (plastic rear wheels for skidding more easily), padded leatherette seat , backlit dashboard , music, LED lights, USB port, MP3, MP4 screen , 4-wheel suspension, left-hand steering wheel , gear lever, on/off button for independent lights, wheels transport and drag handle ...


Electric car for children ATAA Ground 24v . Fantastic off-road style XXL electric car for children . The best option for 2 children together to take a pleasant walk while playing! Ideal for 2 small children between 3-4 years approx. or for a larger one up to 7 years approx. Available in two colors: pink and white. Includes all the extras that the little ones want: 2 200w motors, door opening, start button, on/off button for independent lighting , music, sounds, 1GB memory card , USB port, MP4 screen, Bluetooth , large EVA rubber wheels, tow handle, seat belt, LED lights (front and rear headlights and anti-roll bar), 4-wheel suspension, parental control, charging point on the dashboard, folding mirrors, electronic steering .

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