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Published : 2020-08-29 11:25:03
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The slides for children are the best complement to the play area of ​​our little ones. And it is the ideal toy to play at any time of the year, be it summer, winter, fall or spring.

Without a doubt, it is a toy that is liked generation after generation and, as the years go by, it continues to attract the same, or more, to boys and girls (also to adults).

In the market there is a wide variety of children's slides for garden and interior. Why do kids like them so much? It is like having your city park, but at home. The dream of any child!

- They are very simple toys to assemble and fold.

- In any area of ​​the house, with ample space, they can be put: both indoors and in the garden.

- They are totally safe: all their shapes are rounded (without dangerous edges or peaks), the steps are non-slip and the materials with which they are made are of the highest quality. In addition, they comply with all the certificates required by the European Union in quality for toys.

- It is the perfect toy to let imagination and creativity fly.

- They fight childhood sedentary lifestyle: they strengthen their muscles, socialize with other children, improve their balance, reflexes, psychomotor skills and learn to better coordinate their movements. And all with the same toy!

Selection of the 5 best slides for children

At ATAA Cars, we have the best indoor and garden slides for children available. We have all the colors, shapes, accessories ... and with the best prices and quality as only we offer.

Children's slide ATAA Garden children's slide

Ideal for interior or garden. Easy assembly in a few minutes. Improved acceleration system with total safety for children. High quality materials, soft touch, no edges or corners, non-slip steps. Recommended for children between 1-6 years. Available colors: pink and blue.

Children's slide Panda children's slide

Ideal for both garden and interior. Easy assembly and transport. Fun slide with panda bear shapes and bright and bright colors. High quality materials, soft touch, no edges, rounded shapes, basketball net. Recommended up to 4/5 years. Available in blue and pink.

3-in-1 children's playground

Fun playground with slide, swing and basketball hoop. All in 1! Ideal for garden and interior. Large and multipurpose playground for children. High-quality materials, smooth surfaces without edges and pleasant to the touch, robust, easy to assemble. Recommended for boys and girls between 3-9 years old.

Slide for children Slide for children kitten

Nice children's slide with kitten shapes. Ideal for both garden and indoor. Made with quality materials, rounded shapes without edges, soft to the touch. Easy folding and assembly. It also includes a basketball basket and a set of hoops for more fun. Recommended up to 7 years. Available in pink and blue.

Children's slide Children's slide ATAA XL

Large children's slide! Perfect for both gardens and spacious interiors. Built with high quality materials, soft touch, rounded shapes, no edges, non-slip steps. Robust and easy to assemble. Includes a basketball net. Recommended up to 8 years. Available in pink and blue.

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