Published : 2022-11-23 16:20:55
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Are you thinking of buying second-hand electric cars for children? It is possible that on many occasions you have asked yourself the question: "Should I buy a second-hand battery car for children or buy a new one?"

To resolve this question, in this post we will tell you the advantages of buying new electric cars for children compared to second-hand electric cars . From the outset, we can tell you from ATAA Cars that the first option is the best. Why? A new product, in this case electric children's cars, have certain advantages and facilities that a second-hand electric car for children does not have.

Are you thinking of surprising your little ones with a super gift this super original and fun Christmas? Below, we show you the reasons why buying and giving away one of our new electric cars for children is the best alternative.


One of the factors that we always look at when buying a new product is the price. You always look for a product that is good, of quality and that has an affordable price. For this reason, second-hand electric cars for children often attract our attention, especially for the price. Although we can find used electric cars for children that meet all these requirements, in most cases it is likely that these types of toys are not in the best condition and, therefore, have defects that may affect the safety of your children. /as while they play. Battery-powered cars for children are toys and, therefore, the little ones can wear them out by using them.


Second hand kids cars can give some trouble and therefore this may not be a very good choice for a kids gift. But there are aspects that we must take into account, before making the purchase of any type of electric car for children. Let's look at some of these considerations to keep in mind:

The price and the offers

Normally, children's electric cars have very attractive discounts, depending on the dates, which makes them a luxury toy at a very good price. You must be very alert to benefit from one of these offers that are constantly appearing in our ATAA Cars online store. If you are interested in getting one of these magnificent electric cars, these offers are our best option to deal with the prices of second-hand cars.

You should always take into account, in addition, secure payment methods and the guarantee of the product.

The guarantee

The three-year warranty, which includes any new toy, is not the same as a second-hand electric car, as you will be able to lose much of the warranty. In addition, if you do not have the purchase invoice, an essential element for the guarantee, you will not be able to benefit from after-sales services if there is any problem with the electric children's car or a spare part is needed.


The battery turns out to be a fundamental part in a children's electric car. To have the car in perfect condition for a long time, it is essential that optimal battery maintenance be carried out. In a second-hand car, knowing the maintenance and use that the battery has had is almost impossible. In the case of receiving a used car with poor battery care, it must be borne in mind that the operation of the car does not last long.


If you finally opt for a new electric car for children, we show you our selection of the best of this year 2022. We have a wide variety of electric car models and with great discounts. Don't miss them!

Mercedes GLA AMG 12V

The Mercedes Benz GLA AMG 12V children's electric car has all the official emblems of the brand. This children's car with remote control for parents, has a multitude of extras such as: LED lights in front and rear headlights, seat belt or music and sounds. This great little car surprises at first glance thanks to its modern and attractive design. Now your child can also have his Mercedes GLA like his parents.

second hand kids electric cars

Audi TT RS 12v with License

This electric children's car has a remote control and a 12v battery. The Audi TT car is elegant, sporty and convertible… one of the hottest styles right now and now your kids can drive one too! This electric battery car can also be driven manually using the gears and the pedal. Among its extras are: LED lights, horn and sounds on the steering wheel or the USB/MP3 port to listen to your own music.

second hand kids electric cars

ATAA Rally 2-seater 24V

This great 2-seater off- road electric car for children with ATAA Rally 24v high-performance battery is a real hit. As a newcomer from the desert dunes, the ATAA Rally will impress you, both with its dimensions and with its exclusive features. All you have to do is sit on your leatherette seat, start its 2 motors of 45w each, put the lever in forward gear mode, and... let the adventure begin!

second hand kids electric cars

Now that you know all the drawbacks of buying second-hand electric cars for children, perhaps you have decided to buy a new electric car. Do not think twice and visit our ATAA Cars website and get one of our countless models. The little ones will hallucinate when they see them!

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