Published : 2021-07-12 11:02:41
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At ATAA CARS we are already preparing the best deals on BLACK FRIDAY 2021 children's cars! This year it is celebrated on NOVEMBER 26, 2021 and will bring, as every year, great opportunities to start the most important dates of the year: Christmas. In this article we discover some of the most popular electric cars for children and that will have incredible offers that you can take advantage of and buy in our online store .


This year Black Friday 2021 will bring many news that you can buy in our online store! Find the best children's electric cars and discover the best offers during this date that we like so much and that offers great opportunities to our smallest customers ... Boys and girls will be very happy to discover their favorite children's battery car at home ! Do you know why these toys are so popular? We will tell you!


During Black Friday 2021 you will find the best discounts never seen before in our online store ! They are state-of-the-art toys, equipped with many fun features and awesome extras that amaze all boys and girls. They love the real starting sounds they play when they start the stroller , the LED lights in the headlights simulate the headlights of a real vehicle and they also feature fully functional doors that open and close.

Children's battery cars are spectacular toys that offer an experiential experience that is very close to reality. Your children will be first-rate drivers, they will have a great time accelerating their children's car by pressing the accelerator pedal, and sounding the horn and their music. This Black Friday 2021 will be a great opportunity to give an extraordinary gift to your little ones!


Have you already marked November 26, 2021 on the calendar? We do! We prepare many surprises for this winter and Black Friday 2021 will be full of news and great discounts . We show you some examples of the BLACK FRIDAY 2021 children's cars that will be presented as favorites among the baskets of the dads and moms on the Black Friday of ATAA CARS plus TOP. Will you miss it?

Huge battery car for boys and girls suitable from 3 to 8 years old ; equipped with the best extras and with incredible functions. It works on 24v battery and has two real seats; Its powerful motors of 200w each make it one of the most resistant and robust children's cars on the market . It has extras such as padded leather seats and EVA rubber wheels , as well as different incredible functions such as door opening, LED lights, MP3 player with USB / SD key and Jack connection to mobile, FM radio, steering wheel with horn and music, system progressive output to avoid sudden jerks and 4-wheel suspension. It also has a seat belt and control for parents .

Beautiful Audi TT RS for boys and girls from 3 to 6 years old , who are looking for emotions in an elegant and very sporty electric children's car . It has an official license from Audi, with all its emblems, it works on a 12v battery and with two 25w motors; It also has a seat belt and a remote control for parents , as well as other incredible extras such as door opening, LED lights in the headlights, MP3 player with USB / SD key and Jack connection to the mobile; steering wheel with horn and music, and suspension to the wheels. It is a very complete exclusive stroller and full of surprises!

This children's battery car is a Mercedes ML350 12V officially licensed by Mercedes and with all its emblems; It is very popular among our customers and has all kinds of extras such as door openers, LED lights in the headlights, MP3 player with USB / SD key and Jack connection to the mobile; steering wheel with horn and music, and suspension to the wheels. Presents seat belt and control for parents and is suitable for children from 2 to 6 years .


You will find the best deals on cars for children Black Friday 2021 in our online store! This year prepare for Christmas with exclusive discounts on your children's favorite electric cars for children ; buy without worries and pay in comfortable installments, up to 12 months with Oney . Discover the most original and state-of-the-art toys at unrepeatable prices at ATAA CARS; every day they are more fashionable among the little ones, because they are fun and very similar to real cars. Save the date for next Black Friday 2021 and don't miss our unbeatable offers on children's battery cars!

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