Published : 2021-08-26 16:31:24
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Do you know which are the best 5 12v electric motorcycles for children to give to your children? Today we bring you a selection of the most popular children's motorcycles among children who already drive their own children's motorcycle . It is an original and super fun gift!


Battery powered motorcycles for boys and girls are toys that are very different from those of a lifetime , because they have high-performance batteries and powerful motors that facilitate the movement of the children's vehicle. In addition, they are very attractive in terms of design ... Discover in this article the characteristics of battery motorcycles for boys and girls !


Did you know that these electric motorcycles for boys and girls existed? These innovative toys are becoming more fashionable among children every day, they create a trend very quickly due to their originality and because they present exclusive designs from the most well-known brands today. They are small replicas of the real motorcycles , with many very well cared details, and with super fun features .

Boys and girls are attracted to children's motorcycles for their design, but also for all their surprises ... They feature music, LED lights, real boot sounds, USB. .. That's why they are incredible! With these extraordinary toys, the little ones have a great time while they ride their battery-powered children's motorcycle at full speed (adapted to the child's age and weight, of course), and feel the wind in their hair as they watch everything pass around them. its surroundings like in a movie. How many new forms of play can arise while riding a children's motorcycle! These children's vehicles also contribute to the development of your children's creativity, and also to improve their balance and coordination.


In our online store you can buy the most original motorcycles for boys and girls on the market! Discover some of our best recommendations , below, and give your children the best gift in the world. Discover their characteristics and peculiarities, if they have an official license from a recognized brand, what functions they have, and what makes them so fun for all children. Read on to discover 5 very TOP 12v electric motorcycles for children!

Newly arrived in our catalog, the elegant ATAA Route motorcycle for boys and girls has a very attractive design in various colors . It works on 12v battery and with 2 powerful motors of 25w each. It offers great stability to children thanks to its robust rear wheels and its seat has a backrest; It also features fun features and extras like LED headlights, music, and real sounds. The little ones have a great time driving their own battery powered kids bike! Its maximum speed is 5 km / h and it is suitable for children up to 6-7 years old.

Large size 12v battery Gran Turismo children's electric motorcycle , perfect for two small children or a larger one up to 8 years old . It has incredible extras such as real key start, fist throttle, soft start for greater safety of the little ones, two-seater seat, display with battery charge indicator, speakers and MP3 player (USB, SD or Jack connection), training wheels removable support, and lights in headlights. Its maximum speed is 6 km / h.

Motorcycle for children with Piaggio license and with all its emblems. It has a soft start system, a real key, an accelerator pedal, a comfortable padded leather seat, a functional drawer in the front, handles and lights in the headlights; It has an LCD screen, MP3 player with USB / SD or Jack connection to the mobile. It has removable support wheels for younger children, and a removable rear luggage box. Its maximum speed reaches 5 km / h.

This is one of the most incredible kids bikes! It works on a 12v battery, and with two powerful 45w motors. It has all the possible extras, such as EVA rubber wheels, leather seat , removable wheels for the little ones, kickstand, front and rear led lights, and real starting sounds. It is suitable for children from 3 to 6 years old . It is one of the electric motorcycles for boys and girls that attracts the most attention of all boys and girls. Its maximum speed is 6 km / h .

Motorcycle for kids from 3 to 7 years old with 12v battery and two powerful 30w motors each; This gigantic 12v battery-powered children's motorcycle has incredible extras such as LED lights in the headlights, music, real starting sounds, accelerator ... It is very complete! Its maximum speed is 6 km / h and its design is reminiscent of the typical motorcycles of American bikers . Now your children can have the exciting experience of learning to ride their own children's electric motorcycle !


You can now buy the best 12v electric scooters for children in our online store , an extraordinary gift for the little ones in the house that will not leave them indifferent. The motorcycles for girls and boys are very original , state-of-the-art, and feature attractive designs from the most recognized brands on the market. What boys and girls like the most is its real boot sounds!

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