Electric cars for pink girls

Published : 2022-01-12 17:24:34
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If there is an electronic toy that both boys and girls like, it is undoubtedly electric cars for children.

Can anyone deny it today? No, right?

And it is that, little by little, children's electric cars have made a very important place in all the hearts of boys and girls around the world.

Many kids dream, every day, of being able to drive one sometime.

We are going to ask you a question: can you imagine what children like to do the most? Tick, tick, tick, tock… The answer is: imitate your parents, mothers, grandparents and uncles in their daily tasks, such as driving a vehicle. For this reason, children's battery electric cars have had so much existence since with them they can play to be their parents and endless other possibilities.

Battery-powered electric cars for kids are an inexhaustible source of imagination and play.

Many are the dads and moms who ask us if we have cars for girls in pink. And yes, of course, we have cars in this color that girls like so much and, why not, many boys too. Because for us, all our electric cars are for both boys and girls, whatever the color. But it is true, that pink is the winner among girls.

For this reason, we want to make a small list of the electric cars for children that we have available in this cheerful and fun color that so attracts their attention. Do you want to discover them? Attentive ...

Booster. 6v battery . Ideal as "My first stroller". Indicated for girls between 1-3 years. Also available in white and red.

Pink children's electric car

ATAA Elegant . 12v battery. NOVELTY!! Recommended for girls up to 5 years old. Also available in blue and white.

ATAA Turbo . 6v battery. NOVELTY!! Ideal as "My first stroller". Focused on girls between 1-4 years old. Also available in blue and white.

Pink Girls Car

Saloon Series 5 . 12v battery. Focused on girls between 3-6 years old. Also available in white, red and black.

Mini One . 6v battery. Also ideal as "My first stroller". Aimed at girls between 1-3 years old. Also available in red and white.

Super Sporty. 12v battery. Recommended for girls between 1-5 years old. Also available in red, yellow and white.

ATAA M1 . 6v battery. NOVELTY!! Aimed at girls up to 5 years old. available also in white color

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