Published : 2022-01-14 17:45:51
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Did you know that children's electric cars with a display offer a variety of fun features? If you are looking for a different, original, innovative toy with many functions ... This is the best gift for your children! Discover in this article some children's electric cars with tablet or MP4 screen .

Children's electric cars with display

A few days ago we told you that one of themost original activities to do with children in spring is to go on an excursion with your children to walk with their electric cars for children , and enjoy good time with the family. There is nothing better than seeing happy children having a great time with a new toy!

These battery cars for children are very resistant because they are made with high quality materials ; They work with 6v, 12v or 24v batteries , and their wheels are made of robust rubber adapted for any type of terrain; they have many different functions such as real start sounds, LED lights in the headlights, manual gear stick… Also, they have great extras like an MP3 music player, USB / SD key… And even an MP4 screen to play videos!


You can buy the best battery cars for children with a multimedia screen in our online store ; discover all the models in the catalog and choose the ideal stroller for your children. They have all the necessary safety measures such as seat belt, parental control and all the certificates required by the European Union toy regulations.

Electric cars for children with MP4 screen offer the possibility of playing videos and music on a multimedia screen or tablet, so your children can see their favorite drawings while they walk through the park with their stroller. They can also sound the horn, start the car with the key, drive with the pedals, change gears with the gear stick and turn on the led lights whenever they want; It is an experience very similar to real driving, adapted for the little ones in the house. All children want to be like their parents , this implies doing the same as them. Now they can drive a children's electric car like a real one!


Boys and girls always ask for the newest toys, the ones that have amazing functions and are the most original. Electric cars for kids are ideal because they offer endless play possibilities! Today we bring you the children's car recommended for children from 1 year to 9-10 years with MP4 screen

Very robust children's car, officially licensed by the Ford brand and with all its emblems. It also has an MP4 or tablet screen for your children to enjoy their favorite shows! It has four powerful 12V motors for all-wheel drive and runs on two 12V 7-amp batteries. This model is suitable for children up to 8-9 years old , because it is bigger and stronger. It has resistant EVA rubber wheels perfect for driving on any type of terrain, real key with starting sounds, steering wheel with horn, leatherette seats, functional doors, practicable trunk, LED lights, MP3 connection, USB / SD key, FM radio and Bluetooth. In addition, it has a seat belt and control for parents. This is a very complete and safe electric car for children! It is available in white, black and pink.

Children's electric cars with display

Buy the most original children's cars with multimedia screen in our online store and improve your children's play moments. Discover all the available models and choose from many different options. This is any child's dream toy, you will be right for sure!

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