Electric cars for kids

Published : 2021-02-09 07:50:48
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Electric cars for kids

Are you thinking of buying a battery electric car for children for your children?

Congratulations!! They have come to the perfect web. At ATAA Cars , you will find a wide range of models, styles and colors to choose from. We have electric cars for children of various brands such as Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Lamborghini, our own brand ATAA ... with sports style, off-road or 4x4, Buggy, saloon ... and with a wide assortment of colors: pink, red, white black, blue, green, yellow, etc.

All our children's electric cars include a parental control with Bluetooth 2.4 GHz technology (they do not interfere with other controls) and a seat belt. The protection and safety of our little ones comes first! Therefore, for those who have any doubts, they can rest assured: electric cars for children with control are totally safe and reliable. And of course: great fun !!

Why did they not imagine that one day their children would be able to drive their own car being just children?

Children's electric cars with remote control are becoming more and more like a real car. They are equipped with the best extras you can imagine: EVA rubber wheels, leather seat, music, USB port, MP3 (some even with MP4 video player), gear lever, door opening, suspension (yes, as in the real cars), radio, swing or balancing system (as in coin cars) and endless other things. Awesome, right? That's why kids only dream of having their own children's electric car .

Selection of 4 children's electric cars in our online store

On our website you will find the best children's cars with the highest quality and the best prices. Undoubtedly with the main guarantee and manufactured with high quality materials.

For the most indecisive parents, we are going to help them with this selection of 4 electric cars for children from our online store.

Audi Q5 children's electric car. 12v battery . Available colors: red and white. Recommended age: 3-5 years. Features: officially licensed by the brand, 2 motors of 35w each, music, start sounds, USB, door opening, lights, gear lever.

Audi q5 for kids with battery

Electric buggy car for children ATAA Max . 12v battery. Available colors: white and red. Recommended age: 3-8 years. One of the most powerful cars on the market! Features: two-seater, 4 motors of 45w each, 4-wheel suspension, door opening, starting sounds, music, USB, lights, padded seat, EVA rubber wheels and much more.

Mercedes C63 children's electric car. 12v battery. Available colors: pink, white and red. Recommended age: 3-5 years. Features: officially licensed by the brand, 2 motors of 30w each, LED lights, music, USB, sounds, door opening, functional rear trunk, sphere lighting on the dashboard, soft start and much more.

Mercedes C63 electric for kids

Electric car for children BWM 6 GT . 12v battery. Available colors: black and white. Recommended age: up to 5 years. Features: officially licensed by the brand, LED lights, music, USB, door opener, illuminated dashboard, suspension and much more ...

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