Electric cars for kids 12v

Published : 2021-02-22 17:23:00
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Electric cars for kids 12v

Electric cars for children 12v are the main choice of parents when choosing an electric car for their children.

These cars give them greater autonomy, more play time, imagination and fun. In addition, they incorporate striking accessories such as lights, music, starting sounds, MP3, leather seat, rubber wheels, ignition key ... These elements make them even more realistic: the main reason that children like them so much (already adults too). For kids, it's like driving Mom or Dad's car.

Children's electric car

Battery powered 12v kids cars have higher power than 6v electric kids cars . They are medium and large-sized cars - the latter are even two-seater (two-seater) - and can reach a speed between 6-7km / h. Some of these children's vehicles (especially the two-seater ones) are even capable of climbing small slopes.

Now, there is a question that many customers have in relation to 6v electric cars for children :

"Can I put a 12v battery in a 6v children's electric car?"

The answer is: NO, it is not advised.

As you may already know, 6v kids battery cars have less power than 12v cars . For this reason, many parents - when children grow up - think of the possibility of putting a 12v battery in the child's 6v stroller, so that it goes faster and has more play time.

We are sorry to disappoint you, but it is not at all advisable. We are going to explain the reason:

The 6v children's electric car is designed to run on a 6v battery. If we increase the voltage (power), its entire mechanism will be damaged immediately . Translated another way: the stroller would end up burning and stop working .

Exposed in more detail. By doing this, almost everything would be damaged immediately: the lights (or indicators) that the stroller has would start, and perhaps at the end the motor - since when working with magnetism - it would last a little longer, but finally it would end burning.

In short, we would increase the speed and power (voltage) but the motor would be overloaded and it would burn out .

Cars for kids

Can you put a higher amperage battery in my kiddie car?

Regarding the previous question, it is possible, in some strollers (we advise you to consult our Technical Service first), to put a battery with a higher amperage, but as long as it is of the same voltage .

What does this mean? Amps are what make a children's electric car battery last longer. The more amps the more playing time and therefore the more fun.

We are going to give you an example:

We have a 12v battery car with 4.5ah : to increase the playing time, we could put a 12v 7ah battery or a 12v 10ah battery . As you can see, always 12 volts.

12v 4.5ah ==== >> 12v 7ah // 12v 10ah (one or the other).

The same goes for a 6v electric car . If ours is 4.6 amps we could put a 7 amp battery. But always 6 volts.

6v 4.6ah ==== >> 6v 7ah

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