Published : 2021-04-20 12:04:10
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Have you thought about how much fun it would be to see your children in one of our children's electric cars ? Today we tell you how they can improve play moments and why they are the ideal toy for any child!

 children's electric cars

Children get bored more and more easily, because they already know all the games and want to discover the news as soon as possible. They look for dynamic toys that move, that have fun functions. They want to be the protagonists in their moments of play, and therefore, children's electric cars for girls and boys are a very interesting option.

Children have a great time with their own strollers; they feel like mom and dad and have their own autonomy when driving them, yes, always under the supervision of adults, who also have a remote control for parents. Children's electric cars have different batteries; There are 6v, which are usually indicated for the smallest of the house, and 12v and 24v for children between 7 and 10 years old. All the models have extraordinary functionalities, which will make the moment of playing very attractive and fun.

All children's electric cars are made with high quality materials , are very resistant and feature door openers, leather finished seats, gear lever, light control, super resistant EVA rubber wheels and real starting sounds. In addition, electric cars for children can offer design extras such as led lights, USB, CD and SD card slot; These are some of the details that infants like the most, since they can go in their stroller listening to their favorite songs, while they honk the horn (There is also a horn!) and have a great time.

children's electric cars

Discovering battery cars for children is a sensational experience, because no toy is as close to reality as these are. Any child is capable of driving them and they can enjoy them during trips to the park or on an excursion. It is simply a new experiential way of playing in the company of siblings and parents.

There are many models of different colors and sizes, all have been rigorously supervised by ATAA CARS mechanics and have 6v, 12v and 24v batteries that can last between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on their power. They also have a remote control for parents with which they can be controlled remotely and, don't worry about the battery running out, electric cars for children that are a little heavier have a drag lever to improve their transport, in addition ... This way the fun doesn't end completely!

Some highly recommended children's electric cars are, for example, the BOOSTER 6V model, for children from 4 years old (for guidance only), rated 5 stars by families who have already tried it; This stroller for children has less power, so that younger children feel safe and have a good time at the same time; it has fun extras like pre-installed music and lights, it is considered the “first car” that every child should have.

On the other hand, the Audi Q5 24v two-seater model is perfect for two small children or one up to 9 years old, it is a sensational electric car for children, one of the most elegant, it has all the basic accessories and luxury extras such as slot USB, SD card, pre-installed music and endless details that kids love; Finally, another beautiful model is the Land Rover Range Rover Sport 24v, this is one of the most powerful children's cars , with 200 watts of power, it is ideal for infants up to 8 years old and, it has all the basic accessories, wide opening of doors, leather trimmed seats, gear stick, EVA rubber wheels, pre-installed music, real boot sounds, etc. Perfect for children looking for a nice stroller with all kinds of functionalities!

What are you waiting for to give one of the best children's electric cars to your children? Discover all the models in our catalog and start enjoying the moments of play with your children in a truly unique and fun way!

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