Electric cars for big kids

Published : 2021-03-15 11:24:44
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Electric cars for big kids

One of the advantages of electric cars for children is that they adapt - as our little ones grow - since they need more space and a larger and more spacious cabin.

For this reason, electric cars for older children are the best option so that our boys and girls can continue to enjoy their favorite toy for a few more years. In this way, we achieve two things: to make our offspring happy for some more time and to extend the useful life of these children's cars . That getting older does not prevent them from continuing to enjoy their favorite toy ...

Electric car for big kids

Here 24v electric cars for children and some 12v cars come into play (for example, the Buggy ATAA Max with 4 powerful 12v and 45w motors each). These children's vehicles are the ones that have the most power and force and, therefore, are capable of moving older children.

These battery-operated cars for children are specially prepared to support greater weight, whether it is a big child, up to 7-9 years old, or two smaller children, between 2-3 years old. One of the things I like most about these cars is that they are usually two-seater and two children can ride at the same time.

We also have to emphasize that these children's electric cars have a higher cost than a medium or small car.

Reasons to buy an electric car for big kids

These electric cars for children , at first glance, look like real vehicles. They are amazing and very pretty!

They have benefits that other electric children's cars do not:

- They have a larger cabin: the hole where the little ones sit. Therefore, they are bigger cars.

- They hold more load weight: up to 50-60kg.

- The age range to play with them is extended to 9 years, sometimes even 10-12 years.

Of course, all this depends on the growth development of each child since not all children are the same at the same ages. For that, it is important to see the recommended age of each car, the measurements, the maximum load weight ... in the description of each vehicle. And if you still have any questions, our Customer Service department will be happy to help and advise you.

Two-seater large children's electric cars

More reasons to buy a big kid electric car :

- They have the best extras and accessories: door opening (some include latches), large EVA rubber wheels, music, USB, padded leather seat, real boot sounds, seat belt (some models can be individual or waist), two-seater, LED lights, gear lever, light on / off button, parental control ...

Simply put, electric cars for big kids are the best gift for our kids. We always tend to associate these children's cars with the little ones, but more and more, older children can also enjoy them.

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