Electric cars for big kids

Published : 2022-01-10 17:36:08
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Electric cars for big kids.

ATAA large children's cars.

Why didn't you imagine that, one day, your children could drive their own car like you do?

It seemed unthinkable a few years ago, but it is already a reality. And the most impressive of all is that they are manufactured, with so many details, that they look like real cars.

Manufacturers have incorporated some functionalities such as: USB, so you can listen to your favorite music while taking a walk; Spheres that simulate the speedometer, and although they are not real, in some cases they even light up; battery charge indicator, it is almost always digital and can be found on the car radio, but many new models already incorporate it with dots and with the symbol of a gas station refueling (to make it even more real); they also incorporate MP3, FM Radio and some models even MP4 screen.

Practically, in the market for electric cars for children there are faithful replicas of the best-known cars of brands such as Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar ... And of any style and color such as SUVs, sports cars, sedans ...

One of the great advantages of these electric cars for children with control is that they are totally safe and also do not pollute. They are 100% ecological and have a low maintenance cost. All are advantages! And the main one: make our children happy by giving them hours and hours of fun. His happy face is priceless!

They also have other options, such as FOAM wheels (rubber / eva), leather seats, ignition key, progressive exit (soft exit), seat belt, parental control, etc.

Electric cars for big kids are usually suitable for children up to 5-6 years, depending on the model. They can be two-seater or single-seater. They usually have a spacious cabin so that the child is comfortable and at ease. These types of cars are usually off-road or SUV style, which due to their characteristics are always higher.

On our website we have, for example, the BMW X6M and the Audi Q5 XL. Both single-seaters but aimed at big kids.

· Electric car for children BMW X6M. 12v battery. Recommended for boys and girls up to 6 years old. Officially licensed by the brand (logos and emblems), rubber wheels, leather seat, door openers, LED lights, music, sounds ... Available in white.

· Audi Q5 XL electric car for children. 12v battery. Recommended up to 6-7 years. It is officially licensed by the brand (logos and emblems), starting sounds, LED lights, harness type belt, gear lever, rubber wheels, USB, music, sounds, door opening ... Available in red and white.

Bu Electric car for children ATAA MAX. Recommended for children up to 8/9 years old or two seats. It has two 12v batteries, and 4 motors of 45 watts each, eva rubber wheels, leather seat and much more.

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