Elastic beds

Elastic beds for children.

Elastic beds and trampolines for children. 

The trampolines are not only a toy, they are also a game and a sport for young and not so young people, since depending on the model they can support up to 200kg. Jumping on a trampoline has many benefits for the body and mind, it is scientifically proven that jumping on the trampoline for 10 minutes burns the same calories as in 25 minutes of running, besides it is much more fun. It's such an easy and simple workout that everyone who wants to improve their physical condition or just have a good time can practice it. Moreover, jumping on a trampoline positively affects the lymphatic system, helps to eliminate toxins, to relax and to increase the balance.

We have trampolines from 140 cm to 400 cm, all our ATAA trampolines are made of top quality materials to ensure safety and durability. 

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