Children's slides

Published : 2021-01-27 16:37:45
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Children's slides

In the slides for children the little ones in the house find a place where they can have a great time, enjoying the most with their friends or alone.

It is the ideal toy for boys and girls to put aside, for a while, their electronic toys such as Tablets, consoles or mobiles. They provide, among other things, sensory development, imagination and creativity, global motor skills, manual skills, spatial orientation and help them to socialize. All this in a single toy.

If you have a large space at home, whether it is a play area, a patio or a garden: indoor and outdoor children's slides will be the great allies, for dads and moms, who want to have their children entertained for hours.

For this reason, with the great success that the children's slides had on our website: ATAA XL children's slide (between 1-8 years), Panda slide (up to 4-5 years), Garden Slide (between 1-4 years) , Mini Slide (between 2-6 years old), Gatito Slide (between 1-7 years old) and the 3 in 1 and 5 in 1 Children's Parks (up to 8 years).

We have new models available !!

New Children's Slides ATAA Toys

Mega playground ATAA Toys playground . The largest playground on the market! The dream of any child! Made of high quality recycled plastic and with a multitude of games. One of the main features to highlight are its two slides that allow several children to play simultaneously. Maximum fun!

Children's slide Giraffe slide . Indoor and outdoor children's slide. Easy assembly, takes up little space, last generation sliding system. High-quality, soft-touch materials with no edges or corners. Nice giraffe shape.

Slide for children Tobogán Osito . Indoor and outdoor children's slide. Easy assembly and transport, premium recycled plastic, fun bear shapes, basketball hoop, set of hoops, rounded shapes without edges.

Tips for choosing the best children's slide

Cheap children's slides are a fun and high quality toy that provides countless hours of fun for the little ones in the house. For that reason, you have to take into account some aspects and qualities to choose the most suitable for them. These are some of the tips:

-          Slide size. We must consider the age of the child who is going to use it and the place where it will be located. Children's slides do not usually measure more than 1.50m. in order to guarantee the safety of the little ones.

-          2 or 3 steps. We all know that this toy is very fun and practical for children, but they always have to be under the supervision of an adult. Normally, children's slides at home usually have a maximum of 3 steps in height, so that in this way they do not run unnecessary risks.

-          Rounded edges, no edges, non-slip steps and high quality materials: for more stability and guarantee of the kids.

-          Review the maximum recommended weight for each of the slides. Each slide is recommended for a specific age, height and weight.

-          Accessories. Most of the slides have extras that make them more striking and attractive such as baskets, swings, etc. More fun!

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