Published : 2021-04-27 12:46:47
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More and more little ones are seen with their own children's cars! Have you noticed? This is an innovative, functional and very fun toy that offers the best moments of play between children and their friends. There are models of all kinds; small, medium, large, robust ... They are all very resistant because they are made with the best materials and offer great comfort and safety.

There are certain electric cars for children that are very popular for their similarity to real sports cars of the most impressive brands on the market and in our online store you can buy some of them. They are true copies of the official royal cars and feature impressive luxury extras!

Children who discover these children's electric cars are very surprised when driving them because they have very entertaining and striking functions such as MP3 player, attractive LED lights, real starting noise, opening of side doors ... In short, they are extraordinary models that offer an experience extraordinary and very exciting. Your children's friends will also ask their parents for their own children's car when they play with yours!


You can buy some of the best battery cars for sports children in the online store of our website; we recommend some of them below.

It is a very elegant car for children, available in four beautiful colors (white, red, black and green). It has an official license from the Mercedes brand in addition to all its emblems; Its battery is 12v and it has two rear motors of 25w each. It is a car for children suitable up to 4 years of age , equipped with a seat belt and a remote control for parents. It features luxury details such as a multi-function steering wheel with horn and music, front panel with charge indicator, MP3 player and USB / SD key, LED lights, functional openable doors and a pull handle.

This exclusive model of battery car for children is officially licensed by the Lamborghini brand and has all the emblems of the same. It has an exceptional design and is available in red and white colors. It is perfect for children up to 5 years old and has a seat belt and a parent control; It also has all the certificates required by the European regulations on toys. This superb electric car for boys and girls features the best extras such as LED lights, multi-function steering wheel, all-wheel suspension, slow start, and 4-wheel suspension for shock absorption and door opening. It is a beautiful model of battery cars for children !


This striking miniature Maserati is an exact replica of the original model; It is officially licensed by the brand and all its emblems. It is one of the favorite electric cars for children of the little ones! It has a high quality 12v (4.5 amp) battery and two 18w motors each. It is equipped with a seat belt and parental control. In addition, it features fantastic extras such as door openers, LED lights, multi-function steering wheel with music activation, horn, real start sounds, gear lever, progressive output, MP3 music player and USB / SD key.


Children want to have fun and spend their free time in the best way, so a great way to enjoy their free time is by driving cars for boys and girls , while listening to music, having fun making lights for pedestrians, honking the horn , and wearing his favorite toy in the park or anywhere that can circulate without problem. In addition, you can also organize fun activities where your children can drive their children's electric cars in different types of terrain such as the mountains, in a forest or in the field. This toy offers many possibilities for family fun!

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