Published : 2021-06-24 08:43:40
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You can buy the best cars for children from 3 to 5 years old in our online store! You just have to discover the electric car models for children that best suit your little ones. In this article we tell you everything you need to know about battery cars for children ; They are unique toys, very entertaining, state-of-the-art and with extraordinary functions.

cars for kids

Buying your children's dream gift is now possible! A children's battery car will make boys and girls very happy who want to experience the feeling of driving like mom and dad. They will have a great time walking with their own stroller and all their friends will wish they had a stroller like yours , as they are becoming more and more fashionable.


The battery cars for children are made with high quality materials , they are very resistant and have fun functions and extras that make them very real. These children's vehicles are safe and guarantee little moments of danger-free play, since they have all the certificates required by the European Union regulations on toys.

These cars for children are equipped with a seat belt to improve the attachment of the child to the seat and in some cases, they have automatic braking and / or progressive exit systems to offer greater stability to the child. One of the great allies of adults is the remote control for parents , which is very useful to redirect the stroller at any time, and also, it is perfect when the child wants to stop driving for a while (but wants the car to continue running ...).

Your children will be very safe in their beautiful children's electric cars and they will have a great time enjoying all their extras, listening to music, turning on the LED lights, changing gears ... They are very complete and truly extraordinary toys!


Children's battery cars come in different models , with different designs and sizes, suitable for children of different ages. Normally, 12v strollers are the most versatile , because they cover broader age ranges, from the child's first year of age to approximately 6-7 years, however, in this article we bring you some recommended strollers from from 3 years to 5-6 .

This is one of the most popular cars for children from 3 to 5 years old , it has an official license from Audi with all its emblems. It has all kinds of extras and is very safe; It works on 12v battery and with 2 motors of 35 watts each. It has a seat belt and parental control and, in addition, it has a door opening, gear lever, suspension, pre-installed music, real start sounds, LED lights, MP3 player with USB / SD key and Jack connection to the mobile.

Great electric car for children with 12v battery and two motors of 25 watts each, suitable for children from 3 to 5 years old . It has robust wheels, door opening, gear lever, pre-installed music, real start sounds, LED lights, MP3 player with USB / SD key and Jack connection to the mobile and 4-wheel suspension. In addition, it has a seat belt and control for parents .

This elegant children's battery car ideal for children from 3 to 6 years old , approximately, has a 12v battery and 2 powerful 35-watt motors . It has a seat belt and control for parents; and features incredible luxury extras such as upward opening doors, heavy-duty EVA wheels, leatherette padded seat , headlights and taillights, real-sounding starter key, shock absorbing 4-wheel suspension, shock absorbing system. automatic braking for increased child safety. It is officially licensed by Mercedes and this year it will be a hit with boys and girls, because it is very attractive and eye-catching.

cars for kids

You can buy in our online store the stroller that best fits the personality of your children. These cars for children from 3 to 5 years old are ideal for the little ones in the house, but their older siblings can also enjoy their own children's vehicles. Enter our website to discover all electric cars for children and find models suitable for boys and girls up to 9-10 years old!

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