Children's cars

Published : 2020-10-13 18:40:34
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Children's cars

Children's cars usually raise several doubts and questions in parents before buying one: will they be safe, which design will my child like most, which colour will attract him/her most, will it be a good gift, which brand to choose?

We are going to keep the last question: Why? Because it raises a new question: what is the difference between licensed cars and style cars? 

Licensed electric cars for children vs. style electric cars for children

As their category indicates, officially licensed electric cars for children are vehicles that have been manufactured and designed as exact (or almost) replicas of the original models we see on the street. The manufacturers manage to create a similar model, on a smaller scale, and adapted for children. 

The most prestigious car brands and firms, such as Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, etc, give the manufacturers the authorization to make these cars in a toy version, in exchange for paying a price or a fee for the image of the originals. 

On the other hand, the style electric cars for children imitate the originals, but they do not end up being exact copies. They only emulate them in certain features and parts of the design. If this were not the case, it could be penalised by the brands. Therefore, they are vehicles that bear a certain resemblance to a particular model. 

For this reason, style battery electric children's cars have a lower price compared to an officially licensed electric children's car. This means savings when giving away an electric children's car. 

Whether they are in one condition or another, both incorporate extras and accessories that make them very appealing to children, such as rubber wheels, leather seats, music, sounds, lights, APP for the mobile phone... So, in the end, there is not so much difference between one or the other, only that some carry the "sticker" of the brand and others do not. 

Selection of licensed electric cars for children and style electric cars

3 electric cars for children, style version

- Booster electric car for children. Battery 6v. Porsche style. Recommended age: 1-4 years. Colours: white, red and pink. 

- ATAA F1 Racing electric car for children. Battery 12v. Lamborghini Aventador style. Recommended age: up to 6 years old. Colours: yellow, white and red. 

- 5 Series Saloon Electric Children's Car. BMW style. Recommended age: 3-6 years old. Colours: pink, red, white and black. 

3 licensed electric cars for children

- Range Rover Evoque electric car for children. 12v battery. Recommended age: 3-6 years. Available colours: pink, red, white and red. 

- Mercedes Benz 300s Electric Children's Car Battery 12v. Classic style 60's. Recommended age: up to 7 years old. Colours: pink, white and black. 

- Audi R8 electric car for children. Battery 12v. Recommended age: 1-4 years old. Colours: pink, red and white. 

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