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Published : 2020-09-03 09:38:12
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Cheap kids battery cars

Electric cars for children contribute to the development of our children in a very positive way.

In addition to the benefits it brings them such as: developing their imagination, fostering their kinetic-body intelligence, stimulating socialization with other children, encouraging them to be more independent, learning the basic rules of circulation ... Its main function is to have fun while driving. your own car.

Any of the electric children's cars on the market will contribute endless new experiences for the little ones. Accelerate, turn, go where they want, brake, listen to music, activate sounds ...

They also make them feel older and be able to imitate their parents in something as common as driving a car. For them, this is very fun and rewarding to be able to be like their parents.

Electric cars for children with remote control are becoming more and more like real cars. They do not lack any detail! For this reason, many parents think that a toy of these characteristics has a too high cost to be allowed to buy one. But it is not like that: there are numerous cars with very affordable prices and with all the main elements that our children need for their fun.

Therefore, we bring you a selection of 4 cheap battery cars for children that will make the little ones in the house smile with joy.

Take note!

Selection of 4 cheap kids battery cars

Electric car for kids Super Deportivo 12v

Why? This is one of the models most demanded by customers for its design and for its great value for money. It is also a quintessential favorite among children for its upward opening of doors. For safety: it has parental control, seat belt and suspension in the front and rear.

Pros: easy assembly, original design, has MP3 and USB, lights, music, real boot sounds, progressive output, is aimed at children up to 5 years. Variety of colors: yellow, red, pink and white.

Cons: 5-year-olds will be a bit tight.

Electric car for kids Booster 6v

Why? This vehicle is a favorite among the babies of the house. Like it so much for its value for money, for its rounded shapes and for its great resemblance to the original Porsche car. For safety: it has parental control and seat belt.

Pros: easy assembly, it is a simple vehicle that has all the essentials that attract the little ones: music, lights and sounds. Ideal as "My first stroller" focused on children up to 4 years (indicative). Available in red, pink and white.

Cons: 4-year-olds will be a bit tight.

Electric car for children 5 Series Saloon 12v

Why? This is one of the most requested models in our online store. It is one of the first to sell out! Like it so much for its close resemblance to the original BMW models. It is elegant, attractive, youthful and does not go out of style. For safety: it has a control for parents, seat belt, front and rear suspension.

Pros: it is perfect for children between 3-6 years. Easy assembly, original design, door opening, USB, music, LED lights, provides better performance on somewhat rougher surfaces and on grass. Available in a variety of colors: red, pink, white and black.

Against: 6-year-olds will be a little tight.

Children's electric car Mercedes GLA 12v

Why? It is one of the most beautiful cars in our online store. It has the best materials and finishes as a Mercedes brand can offer. It is resistant to shocks and shocks. For safety: it has parental control, harness type seat belt and progressive exit (soft start).

Pros: good quality of materials, easy assembly, official license of the brand with logos and emblems, battery life approximately 1 hour and a half of autonomy, speed of up to 5km / h. Features music, real boot sounds, door openers, pull handle, LED lights, suitable for any terrain. Suitable for children up to 4 years old.

Cons: 4-year-olds will be a little snug

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