Cheap electric cars for kids

Published : 2021-03-25 19:50:02
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Cheap electric cars for kids

The good weather arrives, the sun ... and do not know what to give to the little ones to surprise them?

We have the solution: cheap electric cars for children !

It is the ideal toy for a family walk, outdoors, while our children enjoy the landscape listening to their favorite music. It is also perfect for kids to play in the company of other children while they learn to share and socialize with each other.

It is the perfect gift!

Why buy cheap electric cars for children?

All boys and girls dream of the day when they can drive a car like their parents'. This is something they love! Being able to do and imitate everything they do. With cheap battery operated cars for children with remote control they can fulfill that dream much sooner than they imagined. Their faces of surprise to see them are priceless!

They are totally safe vehicles : they include parental control and seat belt. They can be used from the little ones of 1 year (always with adult supervision) to the older ones of 7-8 years. This is one of the qualities for which they have succeeded so much: they cover a great age range to be able to play with them. It is also a toy that both children and children like.

Also, in addition to enjoying and entertaining, they also bring them great benefits . They learn the laws of driving and road safety in a fun and enjoyable way, thus developing their coordination skills, concentration and respect for all pedestrians. It also helps them strengthen their perception of space and coordination of movements.

Selection of 5 cheap electric cars for children to give away

Are you thinking of buying an electric car for children and do not know which one to decide on?

We are going to help you with this selection of 5 cheap electric cars for children , which you can find in our online store . They adapt to all pockets and tastes of the little ones!

Electric car for kids Booster 6v

The perfect car for the little ones in the house!

Available colors: pink, red and white.

Recommended age: up to 4 years.

Features: 15w motor, suspension, lights in front and rear headlights, MP3 player with Jack cable, music, horn, parental control, seat belt, start button, forward and reverse gear, progressive output ...

Cheap electric car for children

Electric car for kids Super Deportivo 12v

The favorite car of all the little ones!

Available colors: yellow, red, pink and white.

Recommended age: up to 5 years.

Features: upward opening of doors (children are amazed at this), suspension, parental control, music, USB, drag handle and wheels, lights, 2 motors of 25w each, horn, start sounds ...

Electric car for children Audi R8 12v

The most looking car for parents and kids at the best price!

Available colors: red, white and pink.

Recommended age: up to 4 years.

Features: officially licensed by the brand, EVA rubber wheels, leather seat, real ignition key, door opening, LED lights, progressive output, gear lever, music, USB, horn, sounds, two 20w motors each , parental control, seat belt ...

Electric car for children

Jaguar 12v electric car for kids

Identical to the original!

Available colors: pink, white, red and blue.

Recommended age: up to 6 years.

Features: official brand license, seat belt, two 30w motors each, parental control, LED lights, door opening, music, USB, suspension, pull handle ...

Electric car for children 5 Series Saloon 12v

One of the children's favorites!

Available colors: pink, red, white and black.

Recommended age: 3-6 years.

Features: door opening, parental control, suspension, seat belt, music, USB, lights, two 25w motors each, horn ...

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