Cheap electric cars for children

Published : 2020-10-01 12:24:46
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Cheap electric cars for children

Electric cars for children are the toy that we all, at some time, have wished to have during our childhood. If we were given one of the remote-controlled prams of the time, we were already lucky. 

But... who would have thought that, years later, our children would be able to ride in them and drive them as if they were a real car? We still find it amazing...

What is the price of electric cars for children? 

Many parents still think that battery powered cars for children are expensive. At ATAA Cars, we tell you that there are electric cars for children that fit all pockets. 

If you are looking for cheap electric children's cars, we will give you a treat: yes, they do exist. Obviously these cars usually have fewer accessories than a more expensive one, but this does not mean that they have less quality, on the contrary, they have the same. 

Yes or yes, what we are sure of is that they fulfil their main function: to entertain and amuse the little ones in the house. 

The prices of electric cars for children with controls are quite varied. As with other products, we can find a wide range of possibilities. To give you a rough idea: we would consider a cheap electric car for children equal to or less than 160 ?, between 160 ? and 250 ? a medium range and from 250 ? and more than 300 ? it could be an equivalent high range in electric cars for children.

On our website you will find a wide variety of models and styles to choose from with great offers and discounts! As always: with the best quality-price ratio. 

Selection of cheap electric cars for children

We leave you with a small selection of cheap, mid-range and high-end electric cars with the above as a reference.

2 cheap electric cars for children:

- Booster electric car for children. Battery 6v. Ideal as "My first little car". Lights, sounds, music, controls and safety belt. Available in red, pink and white. 

- Super sport electric car for children. Battery 12v. Every child's favourite! Door opening upwards, music, sounds, lights, USB, parental control and seat belt. Available in yellow, red, pink and white. 

2 mid-range electric cars for children:

- Audi R8 electric car for children. Battery 12v. The most requested by children and parents! Door opening, official brand license, rubber wheels, leather seat, real key, progressive output, gear lever, parental control and seat belt. Available in pink, red and white. 

- Ranger Rapid electric car for children. 12v battery. One of the favourites of our web! Door opening, parental control, safety belt, USB, speed selection roulette, real key, towing handle. Available in pink, red and white. 

2 top of the range electric cars for children: 

- Electric car for children BMW X6. 12v battery. Identical to the original! Door opening, official brand licence, leather seat, rubber wheels, parental control, safety belt, USB, lights, sounds, gear lever. Available in red and white colour. 

- Electric child car Mercedes X Class Pickup. 12v battery. The most elegant two-seater! Door opening, 2 seats, official brand licence, rubber wheels, leather seat, sounds, music, USB, gear lever, towing handle, functional boot. Available in red and white. 

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