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Let's celebrate our 6th Anniversary together in an epic way! Throughout the month of August we will do 1 raffle a day to thank all your support and love throughout these incredible years. Every day you will have the opportunity to win an amazing prize for your purchase in our ATAA Cars online store. From exclusive products to surprise gifts, there will be something exciting waiting for you every day. Get ready for a month full of possibilities! Stay tuned to our social networks and to this post to find out the winner of each day. You won't want to miss this special celebration. Thank you for being part of our family during these 6 unforgettable years!

More information about the Mega Giveaway:

  • This contest is subject to the legal bases for raffles.
  • A raffle will be held every day throughout the month of August.
  • Among all the people who make a purchase on our website, the winner of the draw will be the day they make the purchase. The winner will be published the day after making the purchase.
  • You will be able to see the winner in this post and, in addition, we will announce it through our stories on our Instagram and Facebook.
  • The promotion will take place from 08/01/2023 to 08/31/2023.
  • Participants must be of legal age.
  • The participant exempts ATAA Cars from all responsibility for eventual delays and/or for any type of IT, transportation, or logistics incidents (including but not limited to) that may occur in compliance with these Legal Bases, whether for issues derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, force majeure, states of alarm, site, exception, or similar situations, waiving any type of claim and/or compensation.
  • The winners must respond to the communication of the draw resolution within a maximum period of 10 calendar days, otherwise the contest will be declared void.
  • The shipping costs of the products are completely free and no charge will be applied by us.

These are some of the products we are giving away:

-Water Puller bouncy castle

-Windsor bouncy castles

-McLaren 720s

- Audi TT

- Audi R8 spyder

- Mercedes GLA

- Children's scooter

- Mercedes ML350

- BigFoot mini ride-on

- Range Rover Evoque 12v

- Land Rover Discovery 12v

- Vespa


DAY                         NAME                                              COUNTRY               PRODUCT 

08/01/2023             Francisco Roman                               Spain                     Mercedes GLA 12v

08/02/2023             Diego Alvarez Sueiro                         Spain                     Bigfoot Mini 6v

08/03/2023             Djal Larbi                                         France                    Mini Truck 6v

08/04/2023             Bruno Tilaro                                     France                    Bigfoot Mini 6v

08/05/2023             Aurore Belouis                                  France                    Berlina X5 12v        

08/06/2023             María Aguadé Castro                         Spain                     Windsor bouncy castle

08/07/2023             Juan Jesus Mesa Fernández               Spain                      McLaren ride-on

08/08/2023             Francesco Traversa                            Italy                       Bentley ride-on

08/09/2023             Mehmet Anil Akbay                           Spain                      Mini Police Motorbike 6v  

08/10/2023             Kimi Wang                                       Portugal                   Mercedes McLaren 720S 12v

08/11/2023             Educa e diverte Lda                          Portugal                   Police Car 12v

08/12/2023             Aws Aouissaoui                                 Italy                        Bentley ride-on

08/13/2023             Pablo Fernández Gonzalez                  Spain                      Bigfoot Mini 6v

08/14/2023             Raquel Molina Monga                         Spain                      Bigfoot Mini 6v

08/15/2023             Lucilay Santos Zappia                        France                    Windsor bouncy castle

08/16/2023             Manuel Ángel Muñoz Rueda                Spain                      Bentley ride-on

08/17/2023             Nicola Silvestri                                   Italiy                      Bigfoot Mini 6v

08/18/2023             Marina Martins                                  Portugal                  Bentley ride-on

08/19/2023             Federico Gnoli                                   Italy                        Bigfoot Mini 6v

08/20/2023             Emeline Vanpoucke                           France                     McLaren GT 620 12v

08/21/2023             Yanira Vila Fernández                        Spain                       Super Sport 12v  

08/22/2023             Sandrine Gauchard                           France                      Bentley ride-on  

08/23/2023             Carla Cristina Ribeiro Sousa               Portugal                   Kayak Expedition

08/24/2023             Giacomo Grassia                               Italia                        Mercedes McLaren 720S 12v

08/25/2023             Pedro Henriques                               Portugal                    Mercedes C63 12v

08/26/2023             Nuno Ribeiro                                    Portugal                    Bigfoot Mini 6v

08/27/2023             Christiane Bruhat                              France                      ATAA Royal 12v

08/28/2023             Andre Ferreira Gaspar                       Portugal                    Bentley ride-on

08/29/2023             María Amparo Castello Pérez              Spain                       Kayak Expedition

08/30/2023             Joana Andrade                                  Portugal                    Rapid 12v

08/31/2023             Tiago Rodrigues                                Portugal                    Kayak Expedition

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