24v electric kids cars

Published : 2021-01-25 07:56:22
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24v electric kids cars

The 24v electric cars for children are the best choice for the little ones to enjoy outdoor play. 24v battery powered kids cars are more powerful than 12v electric cars . This is a great advantage, since if the child has more weight (being larger) the car does not lose power.

They are the most powerful children's cars on the market right now!

The 24v electric cars are especially recommended for older children from 5-6 years to 8-9 years (even up to 10 years depending on the model).

24v children's electric cars stand out for their great robustness, power, strength; they are faster, faster and more dynamic than 6v and 12v electric cars . These toy cars (when you see them they look " real ") are the most similar to a real vehicle. For kids, driving a car with these characteristics is the closest thing to driving their parents' car.

Guide to buying 24v electric cars for children

The first of all we have to do is make sure that it really is a 24v electric car . How do we know this? We have to find out if it refers to the battery power or is it really a 24v car . Therefore, we give you these key tips:

- 24v electric children's cars do not use 24v batteries. The normal thing is that they are 2 12v batteries connected in series . Therefore, if a car or motorcycle for children has the two batteries connected in parallel, this means that their charging capacity increases, but they are still 12v. So: 12v * 2 7AH in parallel will be 12v 14AH (only increase the load capacity).

- Therefore, 24v electric cars for children , which are really like this, must have 24v motors and the battery really be 24v. To do this, they have to be connected in series.

- As we have mentioned before: they are perfect from 5-6 years. They hold more weight and have greater strength.

- One of the characteristics that differentiates them from 6v and 12v electric cars is that they are capable of climbing small slopes and elevations. Why? By having motors between 35w and up to 180w = they develop more force. We must bear in mind that they are toy cars and we cannot force them to the limit.

- The children who drive these cars already have previous experience in driving electric cars for children .

- 24v electric cars for children tend to have a much higher price. They are cars of great dimensions, greater power and with more extras. Therefore, its price increases.

Consequently, 24v child battery cars need powerful motors of at least 35w - 45w and that the 12v batteries are connected in series.

As well:

- 24v electric cars are perfect for walking through mountainous, complicated and uneven terrain. They are ready for it!

- They are two-seater / 2-seater cars : for 2 small children or a larger one up to 8-10 years old.

- 24v electric cars (almost always) are 4x4 Buggy or SUV style. Although we can find any style, brand and color.

- They include all the extras: seat belt (almost always individual for each child), music, USB, door opening, pull handle, eva rubber wheels, leather seat, gear lever, real ignition key….

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